About the Photographer & Artists

Luke David Kellett


Luke David Kellett is a Photographer living and working in Australia. Originally from Yorkshire, England, Luke began his career working for the UK's leading record labels including Atlantic records and Sony.

Moving to Australia in 2008 Luke initiated several photographic projects, most profoundly the anthropological documentation of a sub culture within Melbourne. An intense and heartfelt body of work, a love letter to his time spent in the city.

Created for those that inspired him, their presence spread across the pages within the book.


Si is a poet, performer and events organiser based in Preston, Melbourne. He regularly performs in various cabarets and festivals around Australia. He has received the Victorian Poetry Slam Championship for his poem This City Speaks to Me. Si's first book of verse, Mercury, published by Undergrowth, toured to the This Is Not Art festival in Newcastle, the Emerging Writers Festival Melbourne, and was launched at the Thornbury Theatre.

Si is also the director of The Bohemian Masquerade Ball since April 2007. Held twice annually, it has become the vanguard of the Melbourne underground music scene. Renowned for its outrageous carnivalesque overtones, the Boho Ball oscillates between the debonair and the debauched and boasts near one thousand persons in attendance.

Sarah Cook


Sarah is the graphic designer behind the layout of This City Speaks To Me. She has worked as a designer for the past 4 years, working on a range of projects from music posters and album covers, to corporate identity and branding. Having lived in Melbourne throughout the time of the book's development, Sarah was uniquely involved in the project and was excited to compliment the photographs with her design aesthetic.

Darius Devas


Being Films is the production company of Darius Devas a self-taught filmmaker from Byron Bay. Initial success with his film One Revolution gained him work with Lonely planet TV.

From there he settled in Melbourne to start working on the script for his first feature film, Further We Search which follows a young mans journey of self discovery through Melbourne's underground Gypsy movement. The lead actor in Further We Search, Xavier Samuel has since gone on to receive Hollywood Fame with a role in the third Twilight installment.

Darius' current online documentary project Goa Hippy Tribe is about the origins of the hippy movement started in Goa in the early seventies. The project is being realised entirely through facebook and revolutionizing the way films can be broadcast and audiences built. It received funding from broadcaster's SBS and Screen Australia.

Ben W. Wild


Benjamin W. Wild was born in 1979 and grew up on a farm between Warren and Quambone in Central New South Wales. He has studied, worked, lived, dreamt and travelled, and continues to live himself to death. He has no fixed address, but spreads his time out between the farm life, the urban tundra, and the worldly wander. He self published his debut selection of poetry in 2009 entitled 'ALUC(i)NA', co-wrote/published 'SMUT' in 2010, and will release his second self published selection of poetry entitled 'Kaleidescope' in 2011. He is of course, a work in progress.

Amos Duggan


Amos has evolved an incredibly unique style; colourfully bright at first interaction, yet on closer inspection, filled with pungent depictions of the twisted emotions and expressions he observes in daily life. The figures depicted in Amos' work visually represent an individual's psychological condition. They are members of the socially perceived 'norm' that focus so hard to hide physical signs of their inner-workings, their battling with personal restraints and/or social conditioning of this generic modern era. By exploring this readily available and abundant subject matter through visual art, Amos offers an alternative to the drab monotony of glorified interactions, and encourages his audience to experience the beautiful drabness that is real life. Amos creates all his works by saving and salvaging timber, canvas, boards, frames and paints that have been chucked in piles to rot, or skip bins for disposal.



I have been aware of the realities of life and death since a very early age. Growing up, my family had a lot of pets; cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, mice, budgies, chickens and ducks to name just a few. My mother has always been an animal lover, and as such she would always take the responsibility of looking after an animal in need. She taught me to raise baby magpies that had fallen from their nests, and would always stop if we saw possums that had been killed on the road to check if they had any surviving babies. We now share her love for nature and wildlife. We raised a lot of orphaned animals when I was young, but as is natural, we also saw a number of them die.

Having this exposure from such a young age gave me a very simple understanding and respect for life and death. Death was never something to be feared; more so it ignited in me a curiosity. I was always fascinated by how things worked, and so I found that death provided me with an opportunity to explore the intricacies of the organic. Skeletal structures in particular were fascinating to me, and so I would learn everything I could by collecting the bones of animals that had passed and would try to reassemble them in order to figure them out.

My work as an artist in the taxidermy/bone preservation area began when I was about eighteen. Our pet cat killed a ringtail possum we had raised a few years previously. Her name was Jasmine, and she had been very friendly since we released her and still hung around the house. I was quite upset, as I had really loved her, but something clicked for me that day. While I was sad that I had lost a friend, I wanted to create something beautiful out of what remained to preserve and cherish her memory. This project started me on my journey of learning the technical side of cleaning, sterilising, and preserving animal bones and hide.

None of the animals used in my work have been killed for my art. I am strongly opposed to the purposeless hunting or killing of any animals. I will not use any animal that has been bred purely for the purpose of being slain. All of the animals I work with have either died of natural causes, been killed on the road, or have been humanely put down in case of injury. I often have animals donated to me, as I also make commemorative pieces to breathe a new life into pets that have passed.

I am very passionate about the environment, and through research and experimentation I have found techniques for preservation that don't require using harsh chemicals, minimizing any potential harm or impact. All of the material used in my work is recycled, sourced from scrapyards or simply found.

Jeska Matteson

Jeska is a mystery unraveling, an eagle watching the world in orbit a naked witch on a vacuum cleaner hose, a nomadic star, a traveling Jedi, a hopeless romantic with sharp bow and arrow, I was born and I die over and over 86,000 times per second. all the bits in between are traveling distance of mist and veils.

Ivan Smith

Ivan often appears to be staring blankly into space. At these times, he is peering over the fence and into the collective imagination. His work usually points at this fence, or beyond it. He dreams of making shows that charge headfirst at this fence and knock it over. As a performer, juggling, puppetry and other forms of object manipulation have been Ivan's focus. He makes shows that play with form and shape, across various artforms. Collaboration and experimentation are his wine and cheese.

Hayley Murphy


Email: haylium@hotmail.com

Raised on a cotton farm in northern NSW with visions of being a lion tamer in the circus, it was obvious Hayley had an imagination the size of the cosmos. Through her studies in Theatre Arts, Costume and Clowning she has become a dynamic performer, teacher, choreographer and costumier. Also the most incredible hula-hooper you will ever see, Hayley has been described as Betty boop meets Fraggle Rock. This real life cartoon character draws upon her bonanza of styles and experience in Bellydance, Flamenco, Hip-hop, Clowning, Jazz, Funk and Swing. In true 1930's cabaret style, Hayley hoopla toured throughout Australia and Europe as a sideshow clown and hooping burlesque beauty in 2009-2011. She graced the stages of Woodford, Folk Rhythm and Life, The Speigletent, National Gallery Victoria and hoop-notised audiences at Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinborough Fringe Festivals. This hoop rebel exudes elegance and quirk within her kaleidoscope of characters. When Hayley is not performing with music producers such as 'Spoonbill' and the Carnivalesque gypsies 'Rapskallion', she can be found hunting for a three headed flamingo in her latest show "FiFi explorer and the quest of the mythical beast", taming her troupe of zombie ballerinas, or sporting an oversized boom-box as the highly talented and hilarious 'HoopDog'. In 2004 Hayley was awarded the 'Costumier' Award and Scholarship to India after completing her Diploma In Entertainment Costume. Hayley completed her study in Theatre Arts in 2007 and Total Theatre in 2010 at the Ani Stainer Physical theatre school in WA. Hayley also has enjoyed clown schools such as Alan Clay in New Zealand and Claire Bartholemu's course in Melbourne. Hayley is currently teaching Hoop classes at The House Of Burlesque in Fitzroy. She also teaches Drama, Circus Skills and Dance to Children all over Melbourne. She has visited remote Aboriginal communities sharing her spirit in Circus skills, and will continue to spread joy and ooze her cuteness far and wide….and perhaps tame some lions along the voyage.


Zak Ateca Zephyr....musican, perfromer, puppeteer.....

Martin Martini


Space Cowboy


The Space Cowboy is a truly unique and exciting performer from Byron Bay Australia. He started exhibiting his unusual skills at his local markets at the age of eight, a natural born performer. Now at 31 years of age he has amazed audiences in over 30 countries around the world to audiences ranging from 100 to 20,000 delighted onlookers at a time in packed theatres, circus big tops and stadiums. He has shown his diversity and skill by performing at the Edinburgh festival fifteen years in a row, he won 'The Street Performance World Championship' in 2006 and 2007, exhibited four different sell out shows in the Sydney Opera house, toured with famous rock bands, freaked out motorcycle dare-devils in massive arena stunt shows, and displayed his extravagant abilities in front of the royal throne of Italy. The Space Cowboy currently holds six Guinness World Records for his unusual skills and all of his acts are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all who witness this incredible phenomena.



After completing a degree in Industrial design, Jim began freelancing as a product and sound designer on a broad spectrum of commercial and art-based projects that saw him exhibit his conceptual ideas in museums around the world. He won a wide range of audio production awards and his sound installations toured both nationally and internationally.

Under the moniker Spoonbill, Moynihan produces groove based left field electronica and has released 4 albums on his own label; Omelette Records since 2005. He has toured extensively, performing in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Moynihan is a restless sonic author constantly defying genres and experimenting with the potential of the vast sonic canvas. He has carved a unique niche within contemporary electronic music, building a worldwide reputation for his idiosyncratic sound design and richly textured high production values.

Lucas Maddock


Lucas Maddock currently practices as an Artist, Freelance- Producer and Creative Director for independent publications and various other projects within the creative industries. He finished his Graphic Design Studies in 2003 and completed a BA in Fine Arts in 2008.

Colby Welsh


Mitch Jones


Mitch has been training and performing in Circus since he was 14. His training includes a stint in youth troupe Trick Circus, Physical Theatre with John Bolton, Bouffon with Eric Davis, and most recently he was a participant in the Andante project with La Fura Dels Baus director Younes Bachir. He has performed for major festivals in almost every state of Australia, both solo and with his company Caravan of Dooom. As well as performing sideshow, acrobatics and clowning, Mitch works as a theatre technician in lighting, rigging and tent construction for companies such as Circus Oz and The Garden of Unearthly Delights. He likes punk music, causing mischief and fast motorcycles.

Cat Scobie


Matt Witney


I was very lucky to have a musical upbringing. From the word go my siblings and I were carted around to folk festivals, weekend long jam gatherings, and open mics. Falling asleep under tables as wild Irish tunes raged above like the storms of queensland summers. We were saturated with song, in car trips where the current favorite tape would have no beginning or ending tracks, just a continuous loop. My parents organised an annual grassroots acoustic music weekend, and music remains a big love in their lives. We were encouraged to take up instruments early. Myself the saxophone at 9, my sister the violin, and brother the clarinet, though strings made more sense to us, and we all soon found ourselves with guitars and other string instruments in our laps. After school I studied music, and song became a love I harbored, yet put to the side to be collected at the end of my studies. I have since returned to song and find deep satisfaction in singing and writing. I am now living in Melbourne. Gigging, busking, listening. Soon I will once again take up travel. My guitar, voice, and internet connection! If you enjoy my music please make contact. Who knows... soon I may be making music in a place close by. ---Courageous peace and liberation--- Matty


Theodore Benjamin Knight Greaves occupies himself as a Philomath and Polymath specialising in the crafts of Printmaking, Painting, Photography, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, History, Metaphysics, Linguistics, Knife Throwing and Implement arts, Martial arts, Jewellery, Sculpture, as well as holistic and analytical dynamism.



Hugo is a dedicated esoteric Rap exile from the UK. Having left tremors of press attention in his wake in Britain for parody rap song 'Branksome', an tongue in cheek ode to his leafy suburban 'hood, he turned his attention to alternative avenues. Arriving in Melbourne in 2007, he quickly became a feature in the North Side hip hop scene, making contact with such local luminaries as Elf Tranzporter, Mantra, Julez, 1/6 and Pataphysics, and building a reputation as a rising, if unconventional, freestyle talent. It was always his goal to use the art of rap in as innovative a manner as possible, and, quickly forming a collaboration with fellow English DJ 'Treats', a theatrical, comedic and spiritually uplifting live show began to coalesce. With the backing Treats's musical omni-genre explorations, Hugo provided ever more esoteric freeform poetry to audiences at venues across the city and onstage at festivals. He also collaborated with Miso, Combat Wombat and Editor. Recently known for Hugo & Treats live shows, Hugo also raps with genre-defying, festival rocking world music band 'Dub The Magic Dragon'. In 2010, and with a solid week of events, he released full-length album 'The Enlightenment Era', available at www.reverbnation.com/hugo1. However, his most innovative and far-reaching project arrived when he hooked up with PHD Historian, and all round genius, Giordano Nanni. Together the pair created the online satirical current affairs show 'Rap News', hosted by character Robert Foster, on Nanni's YouTube channel The Juice Media. This project swiftly garnered international attention and hundreds of thousands of views, and catapulted the pair into hitherto undreamt of scenarios. In 2010, they were invited to London by one Julian Assange to participate in the launch of Wikileaks' Iraq War Logs and to create an episode of Rap News on the same topic, featuring Mr Assange himself. Hugo continues to work with DJ Treats, Dub The Magic Dragon, and Giordano Nanni's Rap News. 2011 will see more episodes of the seminal online Rap News show released, a tour of India with Dub the Magic Dragon, and a full-length immersive mixtape with DJ Treats.


Mitch Brown


Mitch Brown is a wandering troubadour, conflict mediator and an exquisite soul.

As a child of experience and tramp of life he seeks to transcend the current modes of society, past survival-ism and into a constant state of grace.

Through poetry, song, the principals of non-violence and in his daily struggle to be free, he has earned the merits of wisdom and gift of understanding that all of us are privy to bathe in.

Mojo JuJu


28 years ago, in a two-bit, flea bit, roadside bed-sit, under a blue moon,  Mojo Juju came into this world, howlin’ and hollerin’, baring the mark of a born blues singer. 

Today, still howlin' & hollerin’, she is a formidable force onstage, charismatic and charming.

Outrageous as it sounds, it is no stretch at all to say that Mojo Juju would sit comfortably in the company of vocalists as epic as Billie Holiday, Nina Simone & Bessie Smith. 

She could hold her own amongst entertainers eccentric as Cab Calloway and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. 

And her songs could easily belong between the covers of a Raymond Chandler novel, or on the B-side of a Tom Waits record.

Over the last five years her reputation has grown rapid and wild as founding member, songwriter and vocalist for notorious, seven/nine piece noir punk/garage swing band ’The Snake Oil Merchants’, who have been a favourite in the live music scene and on the Australian festival circuit.

As well as this Mojo has established herself as a creative visionary behind The Hoodoo Emporium, a production house aligning original music with vaudeville, cabaret & burlesque performance.

The Hoodoo Emporium's key production is The Jitterbug Club - a bastard, contemporary "Harlem style" Jazz Club, and Mojo's own pet project.

Mojo Juju is now set to embark on new musical projects as a solo entity.


Drawing inspiration from film noir and hard-boiled fiction, the Jazz age, Latin American ‘Pachuco’ culture of the 1940’s & 50’s and early blues music.

This is the first opportunity to see her at her most frighteningly raw and heartbreakingly honest.

Juke Baritone


¨It´s The Muppets having a punch on with Captain Beefheart...or like Tom Waits...on acid!¨ Juke Baritone and The Swamp Dogs underscore life with their bent mix of music, theatre and cabaret that's shaken and stirred into a dark cocktail of trapeze punk and pirate blues mayhem that has audiences prostrating themselves for more. Like a drifter or a fugitive, Juke's growling songs about love and life are dished out by his raucous ensemble on the bacchanalian dinner table of his wild cellar bar. There's a dirty sound reminiscent of a Louisiana gravel road coming from the organ and a tormented reverend is at the helm whipping his flock into a naked frenzy. He is laughing psychotically as he leads them through the dark and dirty corridors of hell... Welcome to the church of Juke Baritone. Where raising hell has never been so much fun. Not for the faint of heart, this intoxicating show has the tendency to turn ordinary people into raving fans and make others walk out in disgust as musical categories are bled to death on the dance floor.

Heidi Valkyrie & Xristi D'Cruz


Heidi Valkyrie and Xristi D'Cruz are Melbourne based performance artists referencing a fusion of dance styels including the Japanese contemporary dance form of Butoh, Bellydance, Indian dance and free-form movement. They have been performing together since 2008 and have appeared at several Bohemian Masquerade Balls and Renaissance Festivals in and around Melbourne. The focus of their work is to bring themselves and their audience into a deeper state of awareness of the human condition through the use and production of soundscape, movement and costume.



In the middle of the cold Melbourne Winter of 2008, four struggling artists stumbled across an old dingy warehouse den, but in imagination a potential palace! After months cleaning, DIY renovations, collecting and spruiking love... the beginnings of a shared dream began to brew... With sweat spilt from the magical working ones MediuM creative warehouse was born!

Medium Warehouse was demolished in April 2010. But there is still a collective of people who have stuck together and remember how important it is to support the emerging artist scene, as they strive to explore there creative talents in Melbourne, in Australia, in any country on the Planet Earth.



The Seed factory is a warehouse on the outskirts of melbourne CBD and is the Hub and Home to:

Citizens Of Elysium http://www.citizensofelysium.etsy.com/

Solar Powered Guerrilla Cinema http://www.guerrillacinema.org

activist media group Breakdown Press http://www.breakdownpress.org

and Many more.


Responding to a need in the community for active, non commercial establishments, it was a fertile ground for contemporary artists to collaborate, perform, exhibit and exchange new ideas.

The pigeon hole provided a context outside of the gallery circuit, hosting art events where paintings shared the space with performers, sculptures and people looking for a stimulating alternative to more conventional art experiences.

The Pigeon Hole was originally a huge commercial production house - and little more than an enormous empty shell when a small group of creative people had the idea to put it to some good use, transforming it into a dynamic, self organized artist collective.  It has come a long way since being reclaimed from the pigeons: A series of bizarre and inspiring studios were constructed always housing over 13 artists ranging in practice from visual arts, experimental electronic composition and design to acrobatic physical theatre.

Larger events were held quarterly in the main hall, and smaller things such as film nights, rehearsals, and performances were staged in a small theatre.  Art classes were held weekly, and guest artists were able to participate in  exhibitions for free.

Like so many of these places, it was constantly under the threat of redevelopment.  I left the Pigeon hole last year. As I understand it, it still exists and is full of artists studios, but it no longer functions as part of the wider community ie: there are no events, parties or exhibitions.  The collective ran from 2007-2010


Sketch City


Sketch City is a local and international artist community providing opportunities for Melbourne artists to share and showcase their talent. Sketch City encompasses regular workshops and online tutorials, an online artists hub providing work and collaborative opportunities to its members and regular events and culture jams, giving artists the space to network and create new work in a social and relaxed environment.

Purple Warehouse

Mojo JuJu and the Snake Oil Merchants


It could have been something in the water. Some say it was too much whiskey. Others guess at something of Hoodoo proportions. 

Whatever ever their secret is, it has slowly seen this band bend, warp and contort into a formidable mutant junk punk cabaret.

The Entourage consists of a variable number of itinerant vaudevillians – but count on this -  The Duke (Drums), Turk (Bass), Kat Kat (Accordion, Piano), Esteban ‘T-Bone’ Ruiz de Luzuriaga (Trumpet), Akira Weller Wong (Trombone), The Baron ‘Sawn Saw’ Delude (Singing saw) and Mojo Juju (Vocals, guitar) will always be there is get your pulse racing, and the jive jumpin’.

Other likely suspects you will see are honorary Snake Oil Merchants, Lillian Starr and Frankie Valentine.

The music is strangely familiar, hinting at influences from the Jazz age, Rock n Roll and the Punk era.  However, the essence of what they do is strikingly unique, as they somehow manage to be akin to and unlike any of these things all at once.

The Snake Oil Merchants stand alone. And it is not just music that they make.

Over the last five years travelling up and down the east coast these maniacal montebanks have developed a reputation for being entertainers in the truest sense. Seamlessly incorporating burlesque and sideshow into their live performance and a meticulous dedication to turning every venue they inhabit into some devilish speakeasy from another time and place.

They have made a spectacle of themselves for the last few years at some of the most noted festivals and events in the country such as Bluesfest, Woodford Folk Festival, Sydney Festival's ‘Famous Spiegeltent’,  Adelaide Fringe ‘the Garden of Unearthly Delights’ and of course ‘ The Bohemian Masquerade Ball’.

Check out their brand new album ‘Sellin’ You Salvation’, released may 2010 through The Hoodoo Emporium and MGM.

The Hoodoo Emporium


Tailor making events, spaces, heightened realities. Evolving Music, Burlesque, Cabaret, Vaudeville for those who tread the line between innovation and nostalgia. The Vanguard of the new Jazz Age.

It's a nightmare of little critters playin' the blues and dancin' the cooch. We are sellin' you the kind of salvation that burns all the way down and keeps burning in the pit of your stomach. 

A gallery of the most cutting edge, bizarre, clever and captivating vaudeville performers in the country. Often on display in the context of other times and other places. Wild Western Vaudeville shows, Juke Joints of the deep south, Weimar Cabarets and Hot Jazz Clubs.

The Boho Ball


The Bohemian Masquerade Ball the vanguard for a whole sub-culture of junkyard heros, gentleman punks, flaneur's, vaudeville & circus performers, presented through a grande carnival whose stage expands as the night descends...





The barons of tang


Spawned from the fiery pits of Melbourne, cutting their teeth in the underground theatre scene and with the taste of blood on their lips, 7 or more piece ensemble The Barons of Tang bastardize mainly traditional gypsy and tango feels to inappropriate perfection. With accordion, double bass, saxophone and tuba to name just a few, the outfit create what they call ‘gypsy death-core’. The catchy tunes and punk ethos all tie together to mean one thing…dancing is inevitable!



With fire in their bellies, and confetti in their pockets, Rapskallion have swashbuckled their way back from their European escapades, to seduce you this summer with their own brand of wild junkyard waltzes, take me tangos, rambunctious punk rock polkas and old world romance. Dressed in the...ir tattered tails and decrepit hobo finery, the ‘Skallions are back on Australian shores and invite you to their ‘When The Wine Kicks In' Tour. Think Tom Waits in a torn tutu, singing Edith Piaf songs through a megaphone, backed by the Muppet show band, sailing the high seas on a Spanish galleon.

With a treasure chest full of musical instruments, and a flair for the theatrical, Rapskallion have entertained audiences worldwide, with their unique concoction of vaudevillian cabaret dance tunes.

Laugh, dance, drink, and be merry, ladies and gentlemen … roll up for the show!